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mod can be downloaded here

we also currently have a server up, 'Zyk Mod Europe'. /connect t3gevil.de


Information about the mod

zykmod is a serverside mod, clients do not need it installed in order to play on zyk servers

the zyk client adds more stability, a new menu, a few cool effects and more


zykmod is a RPG mod where players can defeat npcs or other players to get levels and credits

evreytime a player levels up, they gain more skills and they can buy some special powers

zykmod has 10 classes, each with unique skills and abilities


players can change class anytime without losing their progress

in zykmod all weapons are stronger and some force powers have more levels



there are also quests, which will reward players with ''magic powers''



these quests have their own storyline and multiple hours of gameplay, aswell as 4 endings depending on the players choice

they can be played alone, or with friends and there is a challange mode for more experienced players

most of these quests involve defeating a boss(called guardians), but sometimes players have to find things or answer riddles aswell

admins can also build custom quests, using both the entity system and custom quest admin commands



but there is more than just quests!

players can of course fight each other

all gamemodes from jka are supported (but RPG is disabled in siege)

but there are also a few extra modes

  • bountyquest: a random player is chosen to be the target and evreyone hunts them, the killer will be rewarded with credits
  • racemode: players can race on t2_trip with swoops, or with tauntauns on t3_stamp
  • duelmode: an automated duel tournament, can also duel in pairs. tournament winners are also saved in /duelboard
  • snipermode: last man standing ffa with disruptors only
  • meleemode: ffa mode on a flying platform with melee only
  • CTF: capture the flag is supported in some single player maps (t3_bounty, t2_dpred, t1_fatal, t1_surprise, t2_trip)
  • RPG LMS mode: last man standing ffa mode for RPG players
other stuff
  • ally system: players can ally each other, making them unable to damage each other. they also can play quests together this way and can team chat
  • RP: zykmod can be used for roleplaying, there are currently a few zykmod rp servers
  • Voice commands in ffa
  • emotes
  • npc team and npc order: players can change the team of a npc and give them orders
  • nofight mode: players in this mode cannot be damaged by other players
  • and many more features (nearly complete list in zyks documentation)


and finally, u can have massive npc battles


oh, and here is zyks rodian face 0 _ 0
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