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JKHub bugs + changelog

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I'll be using this thread to track all the changes and bugfixes I make to JKHub. Expect me to post here once or twice a week as I apply rounds of bug fixes. If you see a bug that isn't a cosmetic issue, please post it here, so I have them all in one place.

Known bugs:

  • License on files does not show up
  • Image/video embeds are dodgy and show some weird behaviors
  • JKG subforum permissions are broken
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Just some minor easy tweaks today

  • Mobile theme now has 'log out' and 'mark all as read' links
  • Added spoiler button to post editor
  • 'Services' nav tab now links to the correct page and no longer display weird hover/highlight behavior
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  • 1 month later...

Hello I'm alive.

  • Fixed file star ratings: they're now back
  • 'Contact Us' is now back
  • The text indentation buttons in the post editor are now back
  • Significantly improved spam filtering on contact form and registration form
  • Fixed several mobile bugs that could cause pages to stretch off-screen in awkward ways
  • Lots of cosmetic fixes for unreadable/incorrectly colored text and widgets, including in...
    • The search box
    • PM headers
    • The footer
    • The follow button
    • File pages


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  • 2 weeks later...
  • 4 months later...
  • Added ZIP file requirement to all file categories
  • Added submission terms at the bottom of every submission, requiring user to read File Submission rules before submitting
  • Added copyright disclaimer to all file pages under the description
  • Removed unused and irrelevant tags from various file categories (mainly Episode 7, 8, etc.)
  • Revised some wording on rules page and added anchor to the Files Submission Rules for easier linking
  • Restored pages and links on mapping.jkhub.org


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  • 3 months later...
  • 3 weeks later...
  • 3 months later...
  • Added back the staff badge from the old forum
  • Removed member group and post count on topic view, because we only have 2 groups and post counts can be viewed on the profile page
  • Fixed z-index issue with user buttons overlapping on top of pop-out windows
  • Fixed various font color readability issues
  • Added a link for the Rules and Staff pages to the footer
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  • Added a new page to the Services page, called Contests, showing previous contests and winners
  • Pinned previous contest winner mods to the top of their respective category with prefix tag stating the file won
  • Adjusted font and color for user names in thread view
  • Adjusted color of buttons to match the rest of theme and be slightly more contrasted
  • Adjusted the JKHub bar color and various issues it had
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  • Reconfigured and rearranged the home page. Apologies for anyone that noticed any issues today as I worked on it off and on.
    • Latest article is the only one shown in full.
    • Previous articles can be navigated with the pages or with the index at the bottom showing the latest 5.
    • Articles are linked to topics in the News forum, like in the old forum.
  • Changed default theme to Fixed Width. If you'd like it to go back to how it was, scroll to bottom of the page and click the Theme dropdown, and choose Fluid Width.
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  • Temporarily set the default theme to the new Christmas theme ☃️
    • There are 4 themes to choose from at the bottom of the page: both fixed and fluid width versions.
      • One with snow literally falling on the screen.
      • One without snow. This is the default. Snow is very heavy and distracting, so I opted to not make it the default.
      • Choose between the 4, or go back to the normal theme if you wish to not be festive. ? 


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  • Signatures have returned with a very strict ruleset.
    • Images must be a tiny 50x50 pixels, mostly for small icons and what not to keep it clean.
    • Only 5 images allowed (up from 1 in the past, since they are small)
    • Only 10 links max allowed
    • Only 2 lines max
  • Cover images are enabled on a trial basis.


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  • Refreshed the JKHub Bar to include actual helpful and relevant links and added some space to give it a bit more room to breathe.
  • Added acronym expansions to the forum, so newcomers can see what common acronyms are by hovering over the word, like so: JKA, JK2, MBII, MOTS, TROS, NPC


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  • 3 weeks later...
  • Files comments have been restored! Working on getting the reviews and comments tabs flipped so people see that option first.
  • Removed the "Is this review helpful" bullshit that people didn't use properly.
  • Restored the star rating on the review.


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  • 3 weeks later...
  • Invision Community software updated to 4.5.x (finally)
    • Please report any serious bugs to me. This update broke the theme, so many things are slowly being caught and fixed.
  • Button style changed to match the logo gradient.
  • Comments and reviews have swapped places on file pages. Only review a mod if you have actually used or at least taken a good look at it. Otherwise just leave a comment.


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