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JKHub bugs + changelog

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I'll be using this thread to track all the changes and bugfixes I make to JKHub. Expect me to post here once or twice a week as I apply rounds of bug fixes. If you see a bug that isn't a cosmetic issue, please post it here, so I have them all in one place.

Known bugs:

  • License on files does not show up
  • Image/video embeds are dodgy and show some weird behaviors
  • JKG subforum permissions are broken
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Just some minor easy tweaks today

  • Mobile theme now has 'log out' and 'mark all as read' links
  • Added spoiler button to post editor
  • 'Services' nav tab now links to the correct page and no longer display weird hover/highlight behavior
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Hello I'm alive.

  • Fixed file star ratings: they're now back
  • 'Contact Us' is now back
  • The text indentation buttons in the post editor are now back
  • Significantly improved spam filtering on contact form and registration form
  • Fixed several mobile bugs that could cause pages to stretch off-screen in awkward ways
  • Lots of cosmetic fixes for unreadable/incorrectly colored text and widgets, including in...
    • The search box
    • PM headers
    • The footer
    • The follow button
    • File pages


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  • Added ZIP file requirement to all file categories
  • Added submission terms at the bottom of every submission, requiring user to read File Submission rules before submitting
  • Added copyright disclaimer to all file pages under the description
  • Removed unused and irrelevant tags from various file categories (mainly Episode 7, 8, etc.)
  • Revised some wording on rules page and added anchor to the Files Submission Rules for easier linking
  • Restored pages and links on mapping.jkhub.org

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