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Tribal Knowledge: Revealing the Hidden Secrets of Skinning


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Tribal Knowledge

Revealing the Hidden Secrets of Star Wars Jedi Knight II & III Skinning

By TJ Couch

Hello, all!
I began modding Jedi Outcast in a quest to create some uniformity among the skins I enjoy. I wanted to make a nice pack of skins with team colors for every character. As I worked, I ran into many strange and complex problems.
I documented solutions to the intricate craziness of Jedi Outcast/Academy skin modding I have wrestled with and figured out after finding solutions nowhere else. I put this together because of how difficult to understand so much of this stuff is and how hard it is to find an explanation for everything. I will refer to this document when modding in the future, and I hope it is of use to you, too.

Let me know any comments, concerns, or suggestions you have!

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