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Civil Universe CWRP


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Note: I'm uncertain regarding the posting of communities from other games on here but I'll go ahead, if it's not allowed I'll simply remove it.


Name: Civil Universe CWRP

Game: Gmod


Map: rp_rishimoon_crimson_cg1 (Custom version of the rp_rishimoon_crimson)

Era: Clone Wars

Type: Semi-Serious Military RP

Server Size: 60 slots (We're a small community, admittedly, averaging 20 people a day)

What to expect: On CU you can expect to jump into the life of a clone of one of several battalions following your initial training, during which you'll be taught the basics such as formations, DEFCONs (note these are our own and not standard) among other things. Each battalion has their own "thing" they specialize in to give a sense of uniqueness to them, for example the "212th Attack Battalion" have Air Troops who have access to Jetpacks and the "41st Elite Corps" have scouts with snipers and speeders/AT-RTs.

We have Jedi, a VIP role (though how to obtain it is currently unknown due to changes to the donations after CU lost a number of members after being falsely told it was shutting down).

We try to stay as close to the canon while having our own events to simulate situations such as battles, rescue operations and such.

We use a ranking structure (though a rather odd one), which is limited to certain jobs, for example Private to Corporal is a Trooper, very basic equipment with around 300 hp, Sergeant to Warrant officer is a Sergeant with a boost to that HP, Lieutenant to Captain, an officer role, expected to recruit, train and other things, has more HP, Senior Officer (Major and Colonel), the "inner circle", similar to the officer but more power, then an XO and CO, the two in charge of the battalion, responsible for everything.

Jedi follow a structure similar to canon/legends, with the exception of added roles like Sentinel, Consular and Guardian as ranks in that order, with a Master of the Order (Mace Windu) and Grand Master (Yoda) on top, with the "Jedi General" lore roles just below that.


We have a variety of mods and a couple of developers who code on the side to change and introduce new things.


Battalions you can join: 501st, Galactic Marines, 327th, 212th, 41st, 104th, EOD (Engineer on Duty), Shadow Troopers, Coruscant Guard (Law Enforcement), as well as ARC.

Are there other roles?: Yes, we have Republic Commandos, Delta and Omega squad, which can be joined by attending an advanced Test.

We have Lore Jedi roles, which can be applied for, following which individuals are interviewed to test if they know enough and can show initiative.

We have "The Fleet", the people in charge, lead by a Grand Admiral, Fleet Admiral, Admiral and Vice Admiral, with captains, commanders and other officers just below that.

A large number of "Event jobs", used during events to allow for different scenarios, these range from iconic individuals like Dooku and Ventress to simple civilians.


We don't have our own unique forums, as we share them with 2 other servers, so we rely mainly on TS and Discord outside the server.

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