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Level 05/06 - Baron's Hed

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It could use some more detail, but definately a good job so far!

Details will certanly come, but as a last thing. Right now the focus is on the circular vast area around the towers









These two guys took me 4 plus hours to make and I'm still not entirely done with them. With that amount of time I finished the whole inside of the castle ("texturing" included), so I need to find another solution to make those areas that doesn't take away so much time. I was thinking of making them in a x or y directon, rather then how they are now, but, at least for these levels, which you don't see in the cutscenes, I'd like to stay as faithful as possible to the original design, with details that will make it look better. As for the towers, I'm not really sure what kind of details they should have. They are almost identical to what we see in the cutscenes with the only difference of some antennas being on top of them. I don't know if it's worth it for now, since you can't even see what's on the towers, maybe for the palace escape map?

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