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Wanted: JKHub Staff


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We have 3 staff members
Circa, AshuraDX, and myself are our current staff members - we do everything that keeps JKHub running smoothly. Sometimes though, we can't get around to things with just the three of us. For example, I've been gone this past month due to moving countries & having limited internet access; I've only just gotten back to proper activity levels today (which also means work on software upgrades can now resume after a month of nothing happening). Similarly, Circa and Ashura have lives to live, places to be, and things to do outside of JKA. In conclusion, we could use a bit more manpower to make sure files are approved quickly, the website runs smoothly, and so forth. 
Job description: what we expect from you
Being JKHub staff isn't actually that interesting. I want to emphasize that: day to day JKHub staff duties are boring. What you'll do includes:

  • Vetting file submissions, accepting/rejecting them based on whether they followed our rules, and spending a lot of your time writing PMs to authors who need to change something about their file submission to be approved.
  • Answering questions from people about JKHub, privately and on the forum
  • Communicating with other staff members about file approvals/misc things, writing occasional news posts like this one, bringing up new ideas/projects you think we should do.
  • Forum moderation, resolving disputes behind the scenes, moving threads posted in the wrong forum sections, etc.

Ideally, you should have at least a couple of hours a week to spare on doing JKHub stuff. You don't need to have a technical background or be a real modder, but you should be familiar enough with modding to be able to install mods, look inside pk3 files, and basics like that. We also strongly prefer candidates who have already been around JKHub for some time and have posted on the forum before (rarely is fine though, but not never) - if that's not you, you may still apply, we won't instantly reject you, but you will have to step up your forum posting while we deliberate over who to choose.  
How to apply
Send me a PM telling me you'd like to be a staff member. I'll be sharing your PM with the rest of the staff. In your PM, sell me on why we should want you to be JKHub staff. Tell us about who you are/what your involvement in JKA has been - whatever. I'm not at all strict, there's no template to fill in, but your goal is to convince me you'd be a good staff member, and to give us an idea of what makes you tick, without lying. Title your PM 'cinnamon pancakes' just so I know you can read. At the end of your PM, I should know who you are/what you've done in JKA and why you'd make a good staff member/what you have to offer. I won't reply to your PM unless you explicitly ask me to, but rest assured I'll read it and post it for other staff members to read.

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Is there any kind of a deadline for staff applications? :)

Not really. I expect them all to be in within the next couple of weeks tops, and sooner is better, but there isn't any specific deadline right now.
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We're going to keep applications open for a few more weeks: we're still receiving new ones, and we're hoping to switch backend softwares in the coming weeks* so we want to spare new staff members the pain of learning how to operate two systems. We've had a number of very good applications so far though, so thanks again to everyone who's sent in their applications :)

*if things go well, this is not a promise, I don't dare do ETAs anymore

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