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B1 Battle droid Revamp

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8 hours ago, Noodle said:

There it is, this is the best B1 model that has ever been done and I think its very unlikelly it'll ever be topped. 

It's definitely not the best, or even the most most accurate, but nobody's made a battle droid since (if I am correct) 2002. So it will simply be the only one because nobody cares XD

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The image about says it all, I did about every droid-y thing I could think of doing aside from making a rig for it or something!
I hope it gets through mods okay and everyone can enjoy the droid-ness like I have been!

It's above 50 MB (342 MB) so I submtted a link to the file instead of direct upload on JKhub, I don't know if I can post that here or anything so I'll just let JKhub handle it.

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11 minutes ago, Circa said:

@Rmvsallen amazing work! Would you mind if I used the model to update my Prequel Conversion at some point? Replacing that old model would be epic.


By all means. I want to throw zero shade at whoever made the battle droid model in 2002, it was a different time, but it's well past time we have a new droid to fill all the places it did. As long as credit is given then people can do as they will with the droid!


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