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SJC Coruscant Adventures Pack (Night and Day)

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About This File

Well as a lot of you will remember I started this map way back in 2008 and have been working on and off with it ever since so it's been a long time coming! Some of you have followed the progress on my YouTube page

and website so I would like to thank those of you who have commented and offered words of encouragement and provided ideas etc (you know who you are). Well the map is finally in a condition where I am happy to release it!

I have included areas from both the movies and the TV series so avid fans can look out for those. A brief list of locations throughout the map:

  • The Outlander Club, complete with 6 city apartments (Vos Gesal Street in Coruscant's Uscru Entertainment District)
  • Downtown Coruscant as seen in Season 2 of the Clone wars (Including cafe, night club with balcony, 4 apartments.
  • Cad Bane apartment (or at least the place he was seen shortly after killing Jedi Master Ord Enisence.
  • Upper garage areas
  • Lower Garage and cargo area
  • Underground subway / swoop track
  • Underground Rancor / Duel arena
  • Stolen Noobian star fighter landing pad. (made use of the queens Starship I created in Radiant years ago, its not great so I updated it a little)

The map uses almost 100% custom textures, and I spent many an hour in Photoshop getting things just right. Textures go a long way in making a map look good and help get the atmosphere you want. I also spent a lot of time

working on the lighting and used a combination of sun entities and spot lights, coupled with specular shaders and envmaps you can get some cool results. I added lighting (bump map) effects to some of the textures in Photoshop

once I placed them in Radiant so I could work out the angles etc, many of the lighting effects on the textures are actually part of the texture rather than part of the lighting compile.


I did what I could to keep good FPS in this map, and on the most part (at least on my RIG) I think they are pretty respectable; however I warn you know, this is Coruscant its full of flashing signs, neon lights etc so

PLAY WITH DYNAMIC GLOW ON AT YOUR OWN RISK! You will find the map runs a lot smoother on slower systems if you disable dynamic glow (run jka open the console and type devmap 2010_16 or devmap 2010_16a once loaded open the console again and type r_dynamicGLow 0 to turn it off, to turn it back on again

type r_dynamicGlow 1).


I have to say though the map was designed for more powerful rigs as the neon lights and excitement of coruscant looks so much better in full Glow!


Throughout the subway you will see a number of consoles, these will spawn speeders to help you get around, if you are unlucky enough to get your ride taken from you (or destroyed by he useable turrets) you should'nt have to walk too far to find

another console so you can spawn another!


Finally there are a couple of hidden secrets in this map, a couple of hidden spawnable at-st's and a jetpack, shouldn�¢ï¿½ï¿½t be too hard to find!


Have fun!


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