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Halloween 2017

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  1. Halloween Town by Langerd

    Halloween Town by Langerd!
    Greetings and hello!!! Welcome to the ghost and pumpkin town!
    The map works both sp and mp :
    Devmap Hallotown
    The music i used is a Cave of Bad Dreams from Rayman 2 game.
    In the map You have many graves with .. ekhm Names on them
    I rly like to Thank All of You and all Jkhub to improve this title a lot and keep it alive for years. Many Thanks!!! This map is my tribute to You.
    But it is also a HALLOWEEN CONTEST MAP!!!!
    You have Pumpkins that have 2 variations of taunt
    Ghosts that are spooky and scary coming from graves
    CANDIES EVERYWHERE!!! Use the cauldron to MAKE MORE CANDIES!!!!
    And finally!!! Broom Vehicle
    All visuals, skybox, models and textures are mine same goes with the design of everything trees, characters etc. - only music is from diffrent source (Rayman 2).
    You can press the pumpkin to laugh or jump and You can press the cauldron that is in the middle of the map.
    Broom sadly works like swoop but in mp You can fly a little (Vehicle_fighter class was removing the cahracter model.... sadly)


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  2. Oakside Park from SLENDER

    Hello everybody
    This is a halloween pack for all of you
    I did the Oakside Park from the Slender games. This version is a mix of the original game and The Arrival.
    Hope you will like it
    Put the .pk3 to your Jedi Academy base folder.
    The Pack contains:
    Slender Map
    a HD Slenderman (original model by RevanKnight)
    You can play the original Slender Game in this map.
    You can collect the pages,and with the help of the admin you can spawn Slendy
    For the greatest feeling: MUSIC ON (minimum 50% music ,dont worry no jumspcare,just spooky slender sounds,what are really add the feels,i was soo scared when i tested the map xd )
    Special Credits:
    RevanKnight for the old original slender model



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  3. Sincere Pumpkin Patch

    A sincere pumpkin patch in a rural setting, during a dark (but not stormy) night. Whether this is the most sincere pumpkin patch or not, that I do not know. What I do know is that I put my Halloween Spirit in it.
    It contains a pretty short, linear but difficult quest; explore carefully, put the pieces together, use the Force, and beware of those nasty critters.
    Unfortunately it's not really optimized, but the framerate still remained playable during my tests, especially disabling Dynamic Glow. The models seem to have problems in MP, so this is only for SP, at least for now. Aside from that, I haven't noticed any major or gamebreaking bug.
    To install, unpack the file Sincere_Pumpkin_Patch.zip into your GameData folder. To uninstall, remove the folder Sincere_Pumpkin_Patch and the file Sincere Pumpkin Patch.bat from the GameData folder.


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  4. Haunted Halls

    This map was released for the 2017 Halloween Contest on JKHub. It was the first map I completed and released since Inferno, which I released back in 2009. It was nice to actually finish something for a change.
    Players start out in a large central chamber, which is perfect for hanging out and casual dueling. Branching off from this chamber are six different rooms, each with a unique challenge for players to face. The halls leading to these rooms are haunted, though; they change frequently, and enjoy leading you to places you didn't want to go.
    Two rooms are special duel rooms: one with a platform that dips itself into lava, and the other with some mischievous torches that like to turn off when you least expect it. Not scared of the dark? Watch your step anyway--you might fall on the spikes.
    The other four rooms are games. There's a maze room (with walls that are constantly changing), a guessing game room (which punishes you for wrong guesses), a bottomless pit room (with bridges and stairs that like to disappear), and a room with working slot machines (where you place bets with your health). All of the games present their own unique challenges.
    Winning a game will reward you with "gems." You can collect up to 10 gems and use them for special rewards within the map.
    There are 4 rewards you can get:
    -1 gem will let you teleport to any game room, without using the hallways.
    -2 gems will let you choose from two types of music.
    -4 gems will restore your health.
    -7 gems will give you continuous healing--until you die, you will return to full health every time you are hurt.
    All rewards can be accessed using the floating icons in the central chamber.
    This is the most interactive map I have ever made. My previous map, Inferno, was focused solely on visuals--and I think I made it look pretty cool. But then I realized that players want stuff to do, not just stuff to look at. This is my attempt to give them both.
    This is also the first time I have made a map focused on a specific theme. My approach to the "Halloween" concept was to use lots of green and yellow light, tons of shadow, and plenty of weird, random, assymetrical scenery. I wanted to break out of the usual pattern of bloody, gory, death-centric Halloween ideas, and make the map "spooky" in my own way. Hope you enjoy it!
    NOTE: Yes, this map is dark. On my monitor, it's not too dark to see, but since every monitor is different, I can't make it perfect for everyone. If it's too dark for you, please just turn up your brightness in-game.


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  5. Soul Edge, The Devouring Blade

    "The Eye is always watching you...literary. Check it out." 
    Halloween 2017 Contest Entry
    The living Demon blade Soul Edge - It's alive, it's ever watchful of you, it changes shape in regard to it's wielder and drains his/her life force just as well as from it's victims.
    Take out your opponents quickly or it just might be YOU who ends up broken and dead on the ground! MUAHAHAHA, *cough* *cough* okay, i think you get it.
    (The blade doesn't actually sap your HP so don't worry, be happy. But it is always looking at you or in your vague direction.)
    If you're playing on MP, it first needs to be uploaded to the server of your choice,
    otherwise people will see it as kyle's lightsaber and it will also function as such.
    Later, simply choose it from the menu and you're good to go.
    If you're playing on SP, first open your console with ~ or ¨ (button left of 1, under ESC) and enable cheats with:
    helpusobi 1
    then type:
    saber souledge
    Copy the r_souledge.pk3 over to your base folder,
    the default path is "C:/Program Files/Lucas Arts/Star Wars Jedi Knight Jedi Academy/Game data/Base".
    None that I noticed but if you did, leave a message in the comment section!


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  6. Cornmaze

    *Halloween Contest 2017 Entry*
    This is a smallish maze map with some cemetery elements thrown in because why not. It's definitely geared towards MP gameplay; Idk what you'd do with it in SP. There are some hiding places with pickups scattered around, as well as some breakable things. Hit things, spam your use button, and walk into things and eventually you'll find the secrets.
    Bugs and other things:
    -The fog doesn't exactly play nice with the sky, but it's a minor issue.
    -The ground is loud. If you're going for stealth, crouch-walk to avoid making noise.
    -Map is dark... of course.
    -I have included the .map file.


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  7. Flashlight - Halloween Contest 2017

    Flashlight by Langerd - Halloween Contest 2017
    Simple flashlight model. I changed the draw and standing animations. When You walk You actually look like You are using the real flashlight. The only problem is the lightning in the MP - not sure if it works correctly but in SP it worked just fine.
    License - You can use this file free. If You want to add it in Your modification just type me in the credits that i am the author of this file.
    In SP type :
    -saber flashlight
    In Mp the flashlight is normally in the saber menu


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  8. Scary Zombie

    Hello everyone!
    When I saw the Halloween 2017 mod contest I was very excited to participate. So I decided to make a scary zombie
    I worked on it for aproximately 4 hours, but the effort was really worth it! I'm so happy with the outcome and I hope you guys are as well
    The model itself originates from the original jedi model, but the head comes from Hapslash's Anakin model. My brother modified it a bit by adding a mohawk, because he wanted to make Radja Nainggolan.
    I also used this model for making Vaas Montenegro.
    I couldn't upload the pk3 file without proper zombie sounds right? xD
    So I added a couple of cool sounds
    Thanks guys and have a happy and scary halloween!
    - Halloween Mod contest 2017 entry -


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