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  1. Yesterday
  2. While I'm waiting for approval of new Bultar Swan model, I've tried to make young Caleb Dume from The Bad Batch.
  3. ahh never mind downloaded all 748 maps.
  4. If you don't get any answers here, make a topic after creating an account here: https://www.quake3world.com/forum/viewforum.php?f=10 And if still nothing, PM this guy (obsidian): https://www.quake3world.com/forum/memberlist.php?mode=viewprofile&u=3448
  5. Hopefully sometime soon, I know I need to get back to finishing that one.
  6. Hello, I apologize if this question has been somewhat asked before, but I really got to know suppose I was in the star wars universe and I fully commanded an imperial class star destroyer with all the 10,000 storm troopers and other imperial military weapons, personnel, etc. and I was in the Outer Rim and wanted to conquer unalligned planets, I would like to ask, how many planets can I conquer in the Outer Rim with just 1 star destroyer ?
  7. Last week
  8. i concur i'd also like to sith the two sith bois from the film
  9. That worked thanks. Didnt even think to check that lol. Appreciate you.
  10. Hello everyone, need the help of people who know the code OpenJK. The fact is that I would like to know if it is possible to make it so that after pushing the boss of the NPC (Desann or Luke) my player was doing a backflip, not a knockdown. That is, I used the code Jedi_stopknockdown. As I understand it, this line of code is responsible for the backflip of other Jedi NPCs (mostly bosses). When the force of the push is applied to them, they do not fall to the ground but jump back. Therefore, they cannot be shot down. And I would really like my player to have the same ability, so that he does not fall in a knockdown, but does a back flip or jump. This very line is present in several files: WP_SABER.cpp: vec3_t pushdir; if (pulls) { VectorSubtract(pusher->currentOrigin, self->currentOrigin, pushdir); } more { VectorSubtract(self->currentOrigin, pusher->currentOrigin, pushdir); } //FIXME: Sometimes do this for some NPC force users too! if (boba_stop knockdown(himself, pusher, pusher, qfalse)) {//He can do a backflip instead of being knocked down .; } otherwise, if (Jedi_StopKnockdown(self, pusher, pusher)) {//They can do a backflip instead of being knocked down .; } G_CheckLedgeDive(self, 72, pushdir, qtrue, qtrue); if (!PM_SpinningSaberAnim(self->client->ps.legsanim) && !PM_FlippingAnim(self->client->ps.legsanim) && !PM_RollingAnim(self->client->ps.legsanim) && !PM_InKnockDown(&self->client->ps)) { int KNOCKANIM = BOTH_KNOCKDOWN1;//default knockdown if (pusher->client->NPC_CLASS == CLASS_DESANN && self->client->NPC_CLASS != CLASS_LUKE && self->client->NPC_CLASS !=CLASS_KYLE) {//desann always knocks you down, unless you're Luke Strong knockdown = q is true; } if (!self->s.Number && !Strong knockdown && ((!pull && (self->client->ps.Power Level[FP_PUSH] > POWER LEVEL 1 || !g_spskill->integer)) || (pull && (self->client->ps.force level[FP_PULL] > FORCE LEVEL 1 || !g_spskill->integer)))) {//the player is knocked down only with a strong push ** if (self->s.weapons == WP_SABER) {// temporary HACKING: these are the only 2 pain animations that look good when holding a saber KNOCKANIM = PM_PickAnim(self, BOTH_PAIN2, BOTH_PAIN3); } more { KNOCKANIM = PM_PickAnim(self, BOTH_PAIN1, BOTH_PAIN18); } } otherwise, if (PM_CrouchAnim(self->client->ps.legsanim)) {//squatting knockdown Knockdown = BOTH KNOCKDOWNS 4; } more {//the usual old knockdown vec3_t plfwd, slats = { 0,self->client->ps.viewing angles[YAW],0 }; vec3_t sfwd, viewing angles = { 0,pusher->client->ps.viewing angles[YAW],0 }; Angular vectors(Planks, PLFWD, ZERO, ZERO); Angular vectors (SANGLES, SFWD, ZERO, ZERO); if (dot product (sfwd, pLFwd) > 0.2f) {//pushes it from behind //FIXME: Check if we are aiming below or above the waist? if (pulls) { Knockdown = BOTH KNOCKDOWNS 1; } more { Knockdown = BOTH KNOCKDOWNS 3; } } more {//pushing it from the front if (pull) { Knockdown = BOTH KNOCKDOWNS 3; } more { Knockdown = BOTH KNOCKDOWNS 1; } } } if (knockdown == BOTH_KNOCKDOWN1 && Strong knockdown) {//push *hard* Knockdown = BOTH_KNOCKDOWN2; } NPC_SETANIM(self, SETANIM_BOT, KNOCKANIM, SETANIM_FLAG_OVERRIDE | SETANIM_FLAG_HOLD); if (self->s.number >= MAX_CLIENTS) {//randomize the time of receipt - but not for adding a component int; if (self->client->NPC_class == CLASS_BOBAFETT |/ self->client->NPC_class == CLASS_MANDALORIAN |/ self->client->NPC_class == CLASS_JANGO) { Addition time = Q_irand(-500, 0); } more { Addition time = Q_irand(-300, 300); } self->client->ps.legsAnimTimer += Add time; self->client->ps.torsoAnimTimer += Time of addition; } //more {//the player stays longer so that you have more time to decide to get up quickly if (PM_ForceUsingSaberAnim(self->client->ps.legsanim)) { self->client->ps.legsanim_timer += PLAYER_KNOCKDOWN_HOLD_EXTRA_TIME; self->client->ps.torsoanimtimer +=PLAYER_KNOCKDOWN_HOLD_EXTRA_TIME; } } // if (pusher->NPC && pusher-> enemy == Me) {//pushed pushed his enemy G_AddVoiceEvent(pusher, Q_irand(EV_GLOAT1, EV_GLOAT3), 3000); Pusher->NPC->Blocked phone call time = level.time + 3000; } } } self->forcePushTime = level.time + 600; // let the click effect last 600 ms } It is also available in AI_Jedi.cpp : qboolean Jedi_StopKnockdown(gentity_t* pickup, gentity_t* pusher, as const vec3_t pushDir) { if (self->s.number of <MAX_CLIENTS |/ !self->client) {//only NPCs return qfalse; } if (self->client->ps.forcepowerlevel[FP_LEVITATION] < FORCE_LEVEL_1) {//only forced users return qtrue; } if (self->client->Move type == MT_FLYSWIM) {//can't knock me down when I'm flying , return qtrue; } if ( self->NPC && (self->NPC->aiFlags&NPCAI_BOSS_CHARACTER) ) {//the boss is always out knockdown } else if (Q_irand(0, the RANK of CAPTAIN + 5) > I->NPC-> rank) {//the lower their rank, the greater the likelihood that they will fall returning qtrue; } To be honest, I am strong in the game code, but I would like to figure it out and do what I want. I really hope for your help. I hope you can help me
  11. Official poster for the upcoming HD director's cut - created as a collaboration by ZelZel and I.
  12. This is legendary. Besides being of great design, the map found its way into other mods, working as a hub in SWG (if I'm correct, it's been long ago for me))), and it would be no wonder, that a lot fan-made stories took place on Taris, with this map in mind.
  13. Oh, I remember that Frigate from Battlefront II. Always would try to destroy it first, when flying in space. Good old memories.
  14. It looks Excellent. i almost looks like it's from TRON Legacy and TRON Evolution. But still it looks cool
  15. So, in the end I appropriated one material with "q3map_material SolidMetal" I used for render geometry and made it invisible in blend stage of the shader especially for collision mesh. Not very pretty I imagine, but it works. In this way spawnflags 2 worked as well. I uploaded the map and I'm waiting for approval. I'm open to suggestions to improve it, so please let me know. I included .map and .ase files as well...
  16. Earlier
  17. Great pack of lightsabers, I really liked the new visions lightsaber, I hope that in the future they can add more sabers from that series such as the Ronin or the one from Lop & Ocho https://www.deviantart.com/superherotimefan/art/Star-Wars-Visions-Lop-s-Lightsaber-892299364
  18. I still have this file! Passed from PC #1 - #2 - #3 - #4 -#5 - #6 - #7 or more....
  19. After a long time of removing certain minor files, I still haven't been able to pinpoint the exact problem, but if anyone wishes to try out my GameData files for themselves, you're welcome to do it. Just message me and I'll send the folder through messages... Oh, yeah, and the fix was the OpenGL fix for playing the game on Windows 10. I just remembered
  20. Ooh! If you do decide to do it, its no rush. It's honestly great to hear you wanted to do it!
  21. I'm not leader of this mod, however i would like to add you in discord for future machinima projects But i'm not able to add you, discord says that your account doesnt accept friend requests, so you need to add him or me and here's my discord DarthValeria#6365
  22. 11 downloads

    This is my second and last map I made for Jedi Outcast. I wanted to make use of curved surfaces for level geometry. I think it worked well, although in restrospect, I should've made it bigger....
  23. The one from this site. Didn't know it had a github. But I fished out my old CDs and reinstalled from those, and now it's working. Maybe the GOG version has something to do with that, maybe reinstalling the game somehow helped, not sure. Put in the patch for good measure too. A major problem is the mouse is incredibly fast in all menus, to the point of being unusable. I think I've encountered this problem in other old games as well. It may be because JAE uses raw input. My DPI is very high. And lightsaber trails are missing. (Edit: Discovered this is because of SFX Sabers - the blade looks better, but IMO the trails also add to the feel, I can't decide...) Also, what is the autoexec file for JAE? And dismemberment doesn't seem to work. (Edit: Found the cause. g_saberRealisticCombat 3 is not enough, you need g_saberMoreRealistic 3 - and cheats enabled)
  24. Star Wars: Movie Duels Update 5 was released! 👇

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