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  2. These have been done. I've seen them somewhere. Lemme see if I can find them again.
  3. It is even more unfortunate that Zel and your artworks are great. You have all the skills in hand to make original content.
  4. Hello. I am playing the mod and it has been working well so far, but, after passing the first mission in Dvorn (the one who makes you use stealth), the game gets stuck in the loading screen and I have to close it from the task manager (there is no crash, the screen just freezes in the loading screen). Does anyone know what the cause could be?
  5. Since you pretty much got everything else done in regards to arc equipment, would you like a rex helmet to go with those models?:
  6. Yesterday
  7. I love seeing people's original creations, good work!
  8. Yes, actually, although it's still slow going. This topic is having me rethink a few angles: I might actually end up making a branch of Radiant just to fix a few of the really awful bugs in 1.6, but I'm not really sure yet. Depends on how deep the problems go.
  9. You also need to enable "toggle" on the func_door to prevent it from closing again after a couple of seconds.
  10. Thank you very much, that was what I needed to know! This has been very helpful!
  11. Last week
  12. Nobody replied to this? Then I will try to help you! Where exacly is your problem? Did you just try to use the base hoth gear textures on your model? If yes, that probably won't work at all. There are 2 things you could do: Make your own hoth textures or just use some of the textures that came with your model. Hopefully I was at least a little bit helpful to you edit: I've looked into the file. You actually just used the .skin files from the base jedi_hf model, did you? Well, no surprise that this wouldn't work. I would recommend to just copy a torso.skin and a lower.skin file and just rename them to torso_g1 and lower_e1. This would fix your problem. If you have any questions, please ask! May the force be with you! Revan
  13. Simply open 3ds Max and your scene and then do: File -> Export and choose .3ds as the format
  14. hello star wars fans. Star wars is (was) great and there is no doubt about it but as i see it they are trying to recreate the original interest once again but this time they are actively trying to reach to it and people can tell when its not real ! thats why star wars is failing (at least thats what i think). they just have to let go. trying to prolong the story just to make more movies is not so good .... https://www.quizexpo.com/star-wars-trivia-quiz/ this is my personal idea 🙂
  15. Only one name come to mind when you hear " Uuuuuraghhhhhh iraghhhhhhhhhhhhh." yes, you are right (are you?) the American franchise Star Wars. Back then, it was a revolution in terms of special effects! With so many series, the franchise has some vast and faithful fanbase around the world. But what if I told you, no matter how many times you watched it, there are things you have forgotten about it? 
    Star Wars trivia was designed with only one purpose in mind: to determine the real fans. In the Star Wars Quiz, you will face many questions about the very details of the series. Keep in mind that this is the Expert Star Wars Trivia, meaning that many people who call themselves fans will fail to score above 60%. So get all the force you can, you will need it !!!!

  16. I've looked into the source code for Jedi Academy. Did you know there's been a command that allows to easily change your player tint without using the g_char_color cvars? The commands name is playerTint {0-255} {0-255} {0-255}

  17. So I have made a model, but it's an obj is there a way to convert my saber model from obj to pk3. If you can help me thank you, if you need proof I have made the model myself I'll send a picture of my saber.
  18. Absolutely amazing - this made my morning! God bless you Jeff and Sirius for this. Perfect detailing, spot-on nailing of her look, and going miles beyond what I'd have imagined could be possible for a future Allana look! Thank you for this; the Skywalker and Solo family's lineage is now complete.
  19. Hit 23 today. God I feel so old...

    1. Omega


      To be honest I don't really remember much when I was 23, but 30 is right around the corner for me. Wait until you get where I am, you're going to start begging life to slow down lol!

    2. minilogoguy18


      Yeah well I'll be 34 on the 25th and I don't feel old at all.

    3. Ramikad


      29 here... and I feel like I'm 2900.

  20. There is model ported from Force Arena somewhere 🙂 Maybe Jeff has it.
  21. Thanks to everyone for helping us play test this new version. The play tests have concluded, we found a few bugs and appreciate all the feedback everyone has sent us. If you have additional feedback feel free to post it in the Discord or here in this thread. A hotfix for v1.3.22 has been released to deal with the more serious issues encountered, but most of the changes based on your feedback will be implemented in later updates. Thanks again!
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