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  3. I'll reveal a few models to get ya'll excited: Ichigo Kurosaki (Bleach/Bleach: Heat the Soul 7): Ignore the messed up hand. Erdrick (Dragon Quest III/Super Smash Bros. Ultimate): I've been assured the eyes will be fixed. These aren't done yet so be patient, and yes, it includes his shield. I'm also working on the Thor model, he currently sucks as an NPC or Bot no matter how OP I try to make him, solely because his hammer is so tiny in terms of length compared to sabers. A saber's length is normally 40 in Jedi Academy, Mjolnir is awesome at the moment and I have added a lightning effect, but it's length is 20, so it rarely ever hits an opponent. I made it this length to keep it realistic, so that enemies of his NPC or Bot weren't getting hit by thin air. I was gonna make Mjolnir have a shockwave effect, but that requires a ton more work, as mentioned, it has lightning come out of it whenever you hit an opponent, and has sounds taken from the movies, but the swinging sounds sound like blasters. I'm not ready to re-upload him just yet until I make him a viable combatant.
  4. Reborn Anyone who likes Star Wars can participate in the TFU 3 project OBJECTIVES: KILL GALEN AND KOTA
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  6. Hair adjustments, texturing adjustments, arms textured. Will work on straps and fixing leg normals next
  7. Same. I had a partial build of a "Sith Cult" started, but the beginning of the month was a busy time and I did not make enough progress to submit. It was a small duel map in a sort of Sith cult hideout, complete with a throne room, skulls to decorate the wall, and what was either to be a trap or gimmick - the domed top of the building would open to the night sky and a beam of light/sfx would shine down onto an insignia in front of the throne. But not enough time to complete or get to a reasonably polished state.
  8. Maybe I can port male and female Voss for you
  9. Requirements for audio files can be found here:
  10. I think what he means how do you extract models from other games to blender? (At least I know a way ^_^ )
  11. Please consider upgrading to Galactic Legacy. KOTF 2.1 will no longer be updated because of some disputes. If you are curious as to what happened, contact @Linken.
  12. Last week
  13. Wondering if someone could model or kitbash this droid from The Mandalorian. Top photo is the request, bottom photo is an inspiration for potential kitbash option.
  14. Contest poll is open! Not many submissions this time, sadly, but the ones that were are great!

  15. The time has come! Voting for your favorite spooky mod starts now. I'm a little surprised we only got 4 submissions, considering the amount of requests I got from people to do this contest. If y'all don't participate, contests are a lot less likely to happen. Luckily we got a nice variety of types of mods. I highly recommend downloading them and trying them out before making your decision. I know most won't do that, so if any authors of these mods want to update their mod page with more screenshots/gifs/video, feel free to do so. The contestants are:
  16. Yep, sends him to Wayland, but also at the very beginning when Luke is assigning each student to a master, he assigns someone named "Raltharan" to a "Master Horn". I remember someone made a really good Corran Horn skin and made a mod to replace the Jedi Master NPC in the game to be him, so you actually see him in the room when Luke mentions him. It ends up looking goofy later on when you get to Korriban and see multiple of him spawned to help fight the cultists.
  17. Hey, how've you been?

    1. scp_chaos1


      Very good, the mod has had many changes in this year, I have not updated for time reasons, but a new update will be seen soon.

  18. I'm surprised to hear that, as I've been out of the game since 2017. I was a heavy mod collector back in the day, and I miss those days more than anything. Maybe I'll stick around this time 😉
  19. Yeah, I've been working too many hours for the last decade. I do intend to finish this eventually, as I have actually been working on it for 15+ years on and off, but Radiant is actually the problem with this one. Since I prefabbed the hallways, I would really like a working cut-and-paste prefab system within Radiant that works like a photoshop smart object. It's a huge pipe dream, but the payoff would be amazing. I haven't even started on it, though. Right now I'm trying to migrate Radiant to GTK3 and it does not like me for it. Lots of hackery to fix. Basically, though, as soon as Radiant is fixed up and the tutorials are made, finishing this up is my next goal (Well, my next JA goal anyway, I do many other things outside this community). But it'll be a long time coming.
  20. Merek

    JA++ Download

    Thanks for this!
  21. Well I wanna use it in game to take shoots (Thrawn's room) But I think I cant 😄
  22. Gonna throw in an old piece of concept art I made a while ago, in case it inspires someone 😄
  23. @staff God you guys still havent done that? Anyways, where is the getting started thread? Maybe in the tutorial section, you should pin a topic like "Getting started" which goes over the structure of the game, the rules of the game (i.e. vert limits etc), what shader syntax it uses, how pk3's are compiled, etc. Just a real lubed up entry for the uninitiated. 

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    2. ChalklYne


      Yeah I mean... Circa was one of the ones I asked to get @staff working so sure, lets get him on the case. XD Is there no order here?! 

    3. Circa


      Group mentions can be done but are a paid plugin for the forum software. If you want to donate to it, Chalk, I will get it and install it. 😛 The new account message idea isn't bad, I'll have to look into that.

      I do hope to have a front page overhaul that focuses less on news posts and more on stuff like that, but I'm not sure when that'll happen.

    4. Aldro Koon

      Aldro Koon

      @Circa We have the plugin over at JoF. Can't we just hand it over to you somehow? (or is that illegal, lol?)

  24. One of these ones, with the fixed hairstyle. Not exactly sure who made it, sorry ^^' I know the original one is from Tompa9. If it's still, like, in development, then cool, I was just wondering if one of those versions was available to download somewhere.
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