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  2. Hey Unguided, I was wondering if I could add your Darth Tenebrous to a mod with credit?

    Disregard the above, I changed my mind, thanks for whatever your answer would have been though.

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      Just a tip here, you are better off sending people a private message on here rather than post on their profile. Most people don't have alerts set for profile posts, whereas private messages typically get sent as an email and you'll have better luck with that.

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  4. Version 1.0


    ==4D-M1N Administrative Droid== 3D model by Phazzzer https://www.cgtrader.com/phazzzer Rigged for Jedi Academy by Noodle Project designed by and organized by Zander_Nao Based on 4D-M1N from "Star Wars Resistance" --NPC Support-- 4D - Classic Silver Administrative Droid 4DC - Gold Administrative Droid 4D_vehicle - Silver Driveable vehicle version 4DC_vehicle - Gold Driveable vehicle version
  5. From what i read the "whiteout" is a problem caused by the custom resolution and theres no fix for that.
  6. You can compare the glm saber models for Jedi Academy and Jedi Outcast sabers using the ModView tool. At first glance, I can see that Jedi Outcast appears to use a tag called "*flash" to define where the blade starts, while Jedi Academy uses "*blade1", presumably due to the added support for multi-bladed sabers. So you'll have to edit the model to rename the tag, which can be done using the Blender Plugin or a hex-editor (making sure to replace instead of insert so the overall file length stays the same). The other issue is that Jedi Outcast does not have customisable sabers. That either needs to be programmed in (which needs to be done inside the VR port), or you can replace the default saber by giving the new one the same name. If you go the latter route, you should provide one PK3 file per saber, and then the player has to choose only one of them.
  7. https://www.dropbox.com/s/na5lo8dxn2jhh9a/_luke_rotj.pk3?dl=0 If anyone is interested
  8. Hello! I'm working on a few ports of popular jedi academy mods to go with the upcoming vr port of jedi outcast by Dr. Beef. I have managed to port a few character models over from academy to outcast, but I was wondering if anyone here knows how to port a saber hilt from academy to outcast. Thanks!
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  10. I'm still getting used to this site so I didn't realize that you replied to me sorry about that. I'm playing it on jk3 touch. I'm not the best with computer stuff how exactly do I do what you're talking about and or can it even be done on this version of the game?
  11. Hi there! I have an older Luke saber mod I downloaded a while back that I upscaled and enhanced with some AI tools. I was wondering if someone might be able to add the Triangle belt ring onto it so that it completes the look of the actual saber. Thank you, Luke ROTJ enhanced Saber
  12. Hey everyone! So as the title said, there is not going to be a progress report for the month of March. The reason for this is because over the course of this month and February, I have been in the process of moving. There have been other factors which have distracted me from working on this wonderful mod which I'm not comfortable (or permitted) to talk about, but long story short this month has been ridiculous. With the reality of the move setting in, especially now that as of writing this I will be moving at the end of next week, all gears have been shifted to packing up my home and the mod (and even gaming in general) has been an afterthought. After the move is completed, I will be back to work in full swing. To give a quick summary of the progress made this month. The 2nd gameplay level of Operation: Knightfall's remake is completed and both the 1st and 2nd levels are currently undergoing script overhauls which shouldn't take too long. Lwkill has been hard at work at the long-awaited Escape from Theed mission and Basil Bonehead and I had the opportunity to play the level. We had a lot of fun with this first playthrough and think it's a very well designed representation of the level from the Episode 1 game. Again, I'm sorry about the lack of a detailed report for this month and I hope the April one will be more exciting. Also don't forget that our April Fools event will be live for one day on April 1st with a small alteration to Darth Maul's extended ending story with Duel of the Fates! Again I'm sorry for the lack of report, but life happens. Thank you for following the development of Star Wars: Galactic Legacy, and may the Force be with you. TL;DR: Process of moving has made working on the mod difficult and I should be back to normal in April. Knightfall and Escape from Theed are coming along well and both have hit milestones in development.
  13. Yes. Sadly I think it might just be my phone's capabilities although, I don't understand why it would run the multiplayer.
  14. Thank you! I love writing about them as well!
  15. I just released the first verison of rend2 in a very long time. I've been busy with fixing and reworking alot of things. The weather system is fully functional now as also alot of other things. You can grab the latest release here: https://github.com/SomaZ/OpenJK/releases Changelog: - MSAA antialisaing cvar changed to r_ext_multisample which is the same as in the vanilla openjk renderer - Added external hdr lightmap support - Added autoload of images with following suffix "_specGloss", "_rmo" and "_orm" - Realtime sun shadows won't flicker anymore when the player is moving around - Some fixes regarding the HDR rendering pipeline (means rendering in hdr colors, but there's no HDR display support (and never will because OpenGL)) - Thanks to @Almightygirfor contributing a velvet shader (you can use it per shader stage, just add a 'cloth' to it (same as with glow or detail)) and fixes regarding pbr shading - Added a shader stage keyword to "pull out" parallax mapped surfaces ('parallaxBias [0.0 ... 1.0]', you can easily test this with r_forceParallaxBias [0.0 ... 1.0]) - Added mikkTSpace for normal mapping (means baking normal maps in blender or substance will result in the same shading in rend2 now) - Fixed rendering cloud layers - Fixed wrong camera exposure on maps with sky portals - Fixed alot of problems regarding fog - Added flare rendering back - Added most features back to surface sprites (only thing missing afaik is wind handling, swaying is implemented though) - Speed up rendering dynamic lights with parallax occusion mapped surfaces by alot - Added distortion rendering back (invicibility sphere, push/pull sphere) - Added glass shattering back - Added ghoul2 sabermarks back - Added r_showTris 1 back - Fixed a crash regarding md3 model caching - Lots of other small things I think that's all for now. Some WIP pictures of my bespin duel remake with hdr lightmaps
  16. It's an old mod, and I can't reach you by e-mail. I'd like to use your model in my own SP mod. Is this allowed?
  17. I'm super curious to see how this works ingame, so if you can do share a video of it!
  18. You could convert the glm game model into something unity understands. You would need pakscape or a pk3 registry that let's you get the model and textures out.
  19. Probably a stupid question, but can I throw this into unity? Of so how?
  20. @KyleFanCan you share the light entities in the .ent file? Because there must be some targetted lights being no longer linked properly - the compiled light must still exist and the surface styles applied, just that they are no longer triggered... One more thing, if the original bsp references external lightmaps in shader or uses regular external ones - it's crucial, that the bsp name didn't change or the lightmap folder is adapted accordingly.
  21. @mjt Thanks for the very detailed response. But the thing is, I didn't compile the .bsp into .map; what I did was that I extracted the entity list into an .ent file, modified it, then recompiled it with an -onlyents command. Now, it looks like the .bsp still has the light entities, only this room just refuses to light up. I may have made a mistake though, I'm fairly new to modding. @SomaZ I'm sending you the modified .bsp file. Thank you for looking into it!
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