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  2. I think what he means how do you extract models from other games to blender? (At least I know a way ^_^ )
  3. How are you porting them if I may ask?
  4. Rooxon

    Halloween Contest 2020

    A shame, I forgot/didn't have time for the contest this year. I'll be joining the next one!
  5. Just animating it myself. Wont have very many anims, but it will serve this particular purpose I'd be happy with just this
  6. Please consider upgrading to Galactic Legacy. KOTF 2.1 will no longer be updated because of some disputes. If you are curious as to what happened, contact @Linken.
  7. very interesting friend, are you using a separate animation for the "big cat"?
    hehe Nice work mate!
  8. Here are the 3 items that will be released together. her playermodel, her sabers, and her cat. 15k poly in total
  9. KOTF had problems, but I got alot done but not enough to post episode 3. Here is a clip to suffice people till January.
  10. Yesterday
  11. A few pictures of progress: Some geometry reworked, added first iteration doorframe, control room reworked, functional ambush grate added (placeholder texture), textures and their layout slightly reworked.
    Ah, time without seeing a good model without wearing or horrible mesh, nice my boi.
    Its a crime against humanity that this great piece of work was burried among all the recent submissions. 5 stars out of 5
  12. Wondering if someone could model or kitbash this droid from The Mandalorian. Top photo is the request, bottom photo is an inspiration for potential kitbash option.
  13. Contest poll is open! Not many submissions this time, sadly, but the ones that were are great!

  14. Merged the duplicate topics. No need to make more than one. If you ever need a topic moved, simply report it or PM a staff member. I went ahead and moved it to Modding Assistance, where the duplicate was created.
  15. The time has come! Voting for your favorite spooky mod starts now. I'm a little surprised we only got 4 submissions, considering the amount of requests I got from people to do this contest. If y'all don't participate, contests are a lot less likely to happen. Luckily we got a nice variety of types of mods. I highly recommend downloading them and trying them out before making your decision. I know most won't do that, so if any authors of these mods want to update their mod page with more screenshots/gifs/video, feel free to do so. The contestants are:
  16. Yep, sends him to Wayland, but also at the very beginning when Luke is assigning each student to a master, he assigns someone named "Raltharan" to a "Master Horn". I remember someone made a really good Corran Horn skin and made a mod to replace the Jedi Master NPC in the game to be him, so you actually see him in the room when Luke mentions him. It ends up looking goofy later on when you get to Korriban and see multiple of him spawned to help fight the cultists.
  17. You can't spawn this model at all. However, you can convert it into throwable model, just like those in this mod.
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