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  2. @Zamzar I hope you're someday able to release this, it's the best Caedus model I've seen for JKA!
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  5. I haven't seen that happen, and I've been using my Prequel Music Replacement in my base folder for years, which are all at 320kbps made with Audacity. Interesting.
    Milamber told me he doesn't remember what he did here, so 5 stars. They look fantastic!
  6. Maybe we shouldn't bother Doughnut with requests, unless he asks for them. He has already made several great models for us (especially the Second Sister and several lightsabers), so we should leave it up to him what to do next.
  7. But a scrath made model is always better than a kitbashed one with questionable texture quality, no offense to Jeff, he does great stuff.
  8. I can say from experience that music files above 128 Kbps frequently fail to load, at least when created with Audacity and the LAME encoding library. Not sure why.
  9. thank you so much, I didn't notice the full screen option in video settings, thank you so much, would you happen to know how to take a screenshot in openjk ? I am using the steam version for JKA
  10. Last week
    Files are damaged and cannot be opened. 😞 Shame too because this was a really good mod.
  11. Maybe when you return from your pause? 🙂
  12. UPDATE 9TH AUGUST 2020: Due to time constraints I've decided to split the film into two different parts. This is because there's alot that I want to do and show and it will all be too much to fit into one movie. The first part is still planned to release this August but I will update you on when the second part will be in production.
  13. Hey man, just a quick message in regards to your Second Sister file.

    I don't know if it's isolated to a particular version, but this doesn't work in EJK, it causes a crash to desktop. It does work in JA Enhanced SP, base JKA MP & SP though from what I tested.

    I believe I've found the reason why, so I thought I'd let you know.

    The sounds.cfg file in models/players/secondsister is causing the issue.

    If I change the sounds.cfg to simply say as follows-


      - it works perfectly.

    I believe EJK does have some breathing effect in the mod itself, so this could be causing the crash.

    Hope this was useful ❤️

    1. Doughnuts


      Thanks for the heads up! 

    2. Gaz


      No problem! ❤️ It's a beautiful model.

  14. I believe there is an option in the video settings that says full screen (off) - click that to on and then click the apply button.
  15. is there a way to maximize the openjk sp screen ?
  16. @ZamzarNice work! You should ask permission to release it! If you get the permission i already made an entire sound pack for the character that I will publish here that can be paired up with the model.
    Cool map with a classic death match design. Though I think the script for music is broken because I'm not getting any music in mine.
  17. Interesting information! Thank you for all of your help.
  18. Ohhh, you're using the tag stuff for movement....I hate that method. I don't know if it's responsible for your problem or not, but it's a silly method in my opinion, because it requires you to recompile the entire map for any change in movement. When you are using a move block, you can just move the elevator to any arbitrary coordinates in the map you like - there's no need to use target_position or ref_tag or any of that nonsense. Better still, if your elevator has no "Origin" brush, then 0 0 0 is the starting position of the elevator, and you can move it relative to that. So, moving it on the Z axis by 192 units will move the elevator up 192 units (I forget which order the axes are in). Plus, you can guarantee that the elevator is always back where it started by telling it to move to 0 0 0. The biggest advantage to this method, though, is that if you change something in the script, all you have to do is recompile the script and reload the map, and you can see your changes immediately. You will not have to recompile the entire map. If your elevator does have an "Origin" brush (Which is required for rotation), then the exact center of the "Origin" brush will be the elevator's coordinates in the script instead of 0 0 0 - it's a little more tricky to use this way, but you can still make a working elevator without too much effort. Also - keep in mind that you can take an even easier approach to this entire thing, and just use func_doors for everything, and have the script use the movers in the order and timing that you want. This is by far the easiest, although least flexible, way to go.
  19. Post a screenshot of your script. It's probably something to do with the method of movement.
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