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  3. Thank you very much for this great mod, my only question is, do Rey's sabers appear short to me, are they like that or is it my problem? Greetings to all.
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  5. I'm a dummy. Haha thanks! Good work!
  6. I agree with Circa on the visual distance part, thats is engine bound, however, you can work around it for a part if you are a mapper (its called a distancecull in the worldspawn) but still there is a limit on that (i sadly bumped into, since i am working on an outdoor map)
  7. _min light is a no go, i ll try to add bounce to the compile and see fi that works... a compile for me at the moment is less than a minute, so i am patient
  8. There are two decent solutions here: Use -bounce on your light compile. It will give you the exact effect you are looking for (Light bouncing from surface to surface), but it will cost extra time to render. 3-4 bounces should do it. A quicker solution is just adding more light sources to the room. If you want the fastest (Although worst looking) solution, you can use _minlight on the brushwork below the x-wing to prevent any harsh shadows (Make it a func_group first). A value like 25-30 will probably work fine.
  9. PhreaKy315


    Looks great, it's fitting for ingame events
  10. Is there a way to make a shader light not cast hard shadows I have always struggled with this, cause i find the shadows to hard.... anyway to soften them via a model key or something (cause when i start adding plant models, my map will become more darker). Shadows are okay, but no shadow is 100% dark on a day.
  11. @BlindDaThief just check my files section Obi-Wan Kenobi (AOTC) - re-texture
  12. Thanks for posting this. I didn't consider not everyone may have the latest .NET runtime installed. I have a few improvements I'm working on, once that is ready to upload here I can make an "all in one" build which has the runtime pieces inside the executable so you don't need to install it. I received some feedback from people with older PCs who weren't keen on installing the runtime (although it's not an upgrade, it sits side-by-side with older ones so shouldn't break anything). We tested the all-in-one build on Discord and it worked for them.
  13. @SomaZlight emitting shaders. I figured it would work same as before, with just adding the Normal and Spec/RMO stages below the Map texture. I seem to remember reading in another topic that the glow stages weren’t working anymore anyway? Thanks for pointing me in the right direction with these shaders. Just when I thought I’d gotten the old ones figured out, I decide to jump into Rend2
  14. Like I said, as long as he put some original effort into his work other than just porting a model, and he explains everything he didn't create himself, we will accept it. Our submission rules can be found here.
  15. "I will watch your modding career with great interest" .. Then you have to look back at least 20 years as well .
  16. Oh, in this case you should at least add a fixed gloss/roughness value to your stages with specular images. Those textures weren't authored for a pbr material pipeline. Try this for an example: textures/strombine/paint01 { qer_editorimage textures/strombine/paint01_d { map textures/strombine/paint01_d.tga normalmap textures/strombine/paint01_h.tga specularmap textures/strombine/paint01_s.tga gloss 0.3 } { map $lightmap blendfunc gl_dst_color gl_zero } } Should work just like in vanilla. Are you talking about glow stages or light emitting shaders?
  17. alternative to yavin skybox? anyone know where one exists or is for sale. I like the Giant red moon of the default yavin skybox but I just don't like seeing same thing over and over.
  18. You found them all, at least the ones that I'm aware of, external ones. Hopefully they'll do a contest or something down the road to inspire creation of some more like Vader's Castle or something. It's surprising we don't have more lava maps.
  19. The brushwork is really nice and the ground level views are exquisite. The horizon blending is really superior too, although the contrast between the brown water and pristine blue sky makes it seem a little dirty, lol. Horizon blending is the mark of a superior mapper and you've got it down. I will watch your modding career with great interest.
  20. Last week
  21. https://jkhub.org/files/file/562-ingame-character-and-saber-menu/ I don't think any mod has mission select that I know of, but you could just use cheat codes if you wanted. A full list of all cheat codes is here: https://jkhub.org/tutorials/console-commands-cvars/all-console-commands-cheats-r15/ Not possible, as far as I know. I believe it's engine-bound. This one is tricky because it requires you to use a code based mod. Jedi Academy Enhanced has that function. https://jkhub.org/files/file/70-leo-dominus/ https://jkhub.org/files/file/636-cathar-male/ https://jkhub.org/files/file/3006-shaï-the-cathar-jedi/ https://jkhub.org/files/file/897-jedi-dog/
  22. @SomaZon another topic, how can I make my rend2 texture light project light like I normally would a light texture? Do I just write the shader as normal and add the relevant normal and / rmo stages?
  23. @SomaZ wow, a reply from the master himself. I’m not worthy lol. So the Strombine textures I’m using are from Q4 map called “Strombine” Strombine Map - Lunaran Website I’m obviously converting the shaders into OpenJK Rend2 myself, but the texture files are pre done TGA. By RMO workflow do you mean the. Roughness Shader Configuration such as in the DF2 project? DF2 Mod Shaders Example
  24. Try removing the rgbGen vertexLit from your first stage. On a side note: Looks like you are using standard specular maps. Rend2 uses the alpha channel of the specular map for glossiness of the surface. If you don't provide a proper gloss map in the alpha channel, all surfaces are super reflective. The specular workflow is prone to create bad materials. I'd recommend switching to the metal roughness workflow instead
  25. Maybe Movie Duels or Galactic Legacy let you change your player model /sabers when you want. Pretty sure both let you pick which missions to play although if its implented on both yet I am not sure and the select mission thing may not apply for the JKA singleplayer campaign just their custom missions. As for the furry thing.... Not sure lol.
  26. Give this tutorial a read. Might help you understand how they work a little better. The gist of it is you need to point the “playermodel” line to the right folder in the /models/players/ folder. So if you want the rebel2 NPC to be Kyle you would change whatever the line that says “playermodel rebel” to say “playermodel kyle”, because Kyle’s folder name is kyle. Open Jeff’s trooper PK3 and find the folder name under /models/players/
  27. Maybe I missed something but are you sharing these anywhere?
  28. So I managed to get my rend2 shaders working ingame, except now I'm having a rendering error with the texture/normal/specmap. The wall on the right renders oddly compared to the wall on the left, even though its the same textures. Shader code below is whats in my mtr. textures/strombine/paint01 { qer_editorimage textures/strombine/paint01_d { map textures/strombine/paint01_d.tga rgbGen vertexLit normalmap textures/strombine/paint01_h.tga specularmap textures/strombine/paint01_s.tga specularReflectance 0.1 } { map $lightmap blendfunc gl_dst_color gl_zero } } I can't figure out why the texture is rendering like that, and it's only at a distance. When I move closer the distortion goes away. And yes using the "cl_renderer rd-rend2; vid_restart" command line.
  29. This won't happen, unfortunately. JKHub cannot host these without legal risk, and they have no reason or desire to put themselves at risk. This is why Omega's mods need to be hosted off-site. I agree with you about the disorganization, but that's either on Omega to put together a nicer format for his downloads, or give someone else permission to organize them onto a more structured website than just a Dropbox link. I don't blame him if he's not interested in adding a lot more to his workload.
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