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    Introducing User-Submitted News

    By Caelum,

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    Submit your own news
    In the past, I promised I'd see what I can do about having more news on JKHub. Unfortunately, that hasn't gone too well - news is still pretty rare. With articles taking a minimum of several days to fully research and write, that's really no wonder - hence why we're going to add something new: user-submitted news. The idea is to have more news articles on JKHub, by letting you guys submit news. To be clear: this doesn't mean articles from us will stop now; it's meant to supplement those because they're rather rare.

    How it works
    I wrote an extensive guide to submitting your own news articles here. The short version of how it works is:
    • You write a news article about a recent event, or a newsworthy essay or analysis about JKA, and submit it
    • We proofread it, make sure the formatting looks alright, and if we want to run it, we approve it. Some submissions may take weeks or months to be approved - we don't want to spam news articles - and ones we don't feel are newsworthy enough won't be approved at all.
    • Once we're done with the editing stage, the news post is published on the front page of JKHub under your name, just like a usual JKHub news announcement.
    We're very much hoping this will pick up some steam and people will be willing to write high-quality, neutral, in-depth articles for us on things they feel are newsworthy enough for JKHub.

    Just in case anyone cares about the legalese: when you submit a news article, you retain all copyright on your article and are allowed to post it elsewhere too, but you give JKHub a non-rescindible license to edit, publish, and distribute your article.

    Finally, some administrative notes
    Unrelated to the above, a notice of some recent changes we've made, and assorted administrative notices that don't really deserve their own news post.

    First of all, Eezstreet & Mrwonko are now retired.
    We'd like to thank them for all the work they did as JKHub staff, and hope they'll continue to stick around JKHub. The current staff consists of Circa, AshuraDX, and Caelum. We'll likely be opening up staff applications in a few months, but for now, we're managing well enough with the three of us.

    Second, some forum changes
    You may have noticed a speed boost recently: we've switched JKHub to a brand new server & hosting configuration, and made lots of little back-end changes focusing on improved stability and performance. Another recent change we've made is the 'mod requests' forum section is now no longer usable to users who have only just registered - you need several posts in other forum sections first. We still welcome mod requests from new and old users alike, but the idea behind this was to cut down on the large amounts of low-effort mod requests we kept seeing previously. We're still soliciting feedback on this if anybody has especially strong opinions about it. This is the latest in a string of changes meant to encourage high-quality, thoughtful content over low-effort one-liner stuff like "somebody pls make me a desaturated reborn reskin"


    If you want to keep up-to-date with more of these small, not quite newsworthy changes as we make them, you can do so by following my ongoing JKHub changelog thread.

    Last of all, JKHub 2.0
    I get a lot of questions about where JKHub 2.0 - the project to modernize JKHub by migrating to new software - is at, so a quick public statement on that. We're currently still waiting for the XenForo 2 software to be finished, before we can move on with that. It recently entered a new beta stage, and you can see a live example of the software we'll be using at the software developer's forum, but it's still very much uncompleted. We're ready to move to XenForo 2 very soon after its first stable, production-ready release, but until that's available, I can't give any more accurate timeframe yet. Just rest assured I'm extremely eager to move to it the moment it's available. For now though, that demo I just linked to is a cool peek at what the software (not the design, but the back-end) will be like. Consider it a kind of sneak peek.

    Thanks for reading, and please consider writing your own news article for JKHub!

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    JKHub & GOG team up for May 4th

    By Caelum,



    It's May 4th again!
    Okay, yes, I know, we're technically one day late posting this. But nonetheless: happy Star Wars Day, and May the 4th be with you all! By now, I'm sure you've all seen Star Wars discussions pop up across the net. One of the coolest thing I noticed: a huge player boom. This is completely unscientific as I haven't been purposely recording statistics, but I noticed about 100 more active players than usual ingame at peak times yesterday, as well as a significant increase in visitors browsing JKHub. With several big retailers having sales on Star Wars games, it's not all that surprising. I want to talk about one of those retailers specifically today: GOG.com. They did something awesome.
    GOG.com partnership
    GOG.com contacted us about a May 4th partnership with JKHub. This week, they're having a Star Wars sale (among other games, you can get JKA for $2.49), and they're trying to spread the word. But also: they were interested in showing their users some more about Jedi Academy. JKHub staff were invited to pen a guest article on GOG.com, talking about what JKA is like these days, and why people should check it out.
    The article - link below - highlights several cool mods, discusses how to get started with JKA as a new player, and talks about various play styles in about 800 words. It's very much aimed at people who aren't already JKA players, but nonetheless, it should hopefully be interesting to you guys too. With some luck, the article will lead to a bunch of new players checking out JKA. The article also has a giant duck in it, because of reasons.
    I just want to give a huge shout-out to GOG.com for doing this - it was really cool writing an article for them, and getting a chance to promote JKA. Definitely give them some love if any of their sale looks interesting to you, and check out some of the other Star Warsy things they're doing this week too! Major props to them for helping grow the JKA community.

    [button=https://www.gog.com/news/guest_article_going_back_to_jedi_academy]Read the GOG.com article about JKA[/button]
    [button=https://www.gog.com/promo/20170502_special_promo_star_wars]Buy some ridiculously cheap SW games[/button]

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    Mod Feature: Epic Challenge Mod III

    By Circa,

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    Hello friends. It’s been awhile since writing a legit article around here. I want to do more, but both lack of motivation and topics makes it difficult. I think this may change from now on, because we are starting a new article series, called Mod Features!


    Mod Features will be exactly what it sounds like: an article dedicated to showing off a mod, what it features, small interviews with the creators, etc.


    The first mod to get this special treatment is the Epic Challenge Mod III. Now, apparently this mod has been in development for a few years, with a couple previous versions made. If you were like me and had no idea this mod project even existed until recently, you should definitely check it out.

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    A little about the mod
    Epic Challenge Mod III is a single player mod, complete with it’s own story, maps, enemies, and quirky thematic choices that make you feel like you’re in a Star Wars-themed Nintendo game. The amount of content in this mod is vastly great, arguably more than even the base Jedi Academy single player story. This mod took the creator, RJA, almost 2 years, which definitely shows in the amount of stuff there is in this thing. You will find yourself fighting to survive enemies that are in your way of an objective, or you may just need to find a way to reach a certain area of the map in a certain way. Much of this mod will involve using your brain and survival skills to reach the end.

    The story features a villain named Darth Lawn, which has created this “Zone of Trouble” to which you play as Kyle and a couple new characters, with help from Luke, to defeat him. Each area you reach contains various challenges ranging from a great number of NPCs, or a few tough NPCs, or certain climbing and jumping obstacles, and much more. Many areas are complex to where you need to get one area unlocked or retrieve something, and make the trek back to where you started to find a new unlocked door or pathway. The effort put into creating all that is admirable. You don’t see that in many JKA mods like this.


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    One of the first things you’ll notice is the charming French accent. RJA voiced most of the characters in the mod. As an English-speaker, hearing Kyle and Luke with a French accent speaking English was very amusing, especially since it was the same person with a different inflection. The :P


    Overall, the mod can be very difficult, especially for new players. Saving often is my best advice. I think my biggest challenge was getting used to the single player movement, after playing multiplayer for so long. The movement is very different in each. So climbing up a bunch of platforms to reach the top of a mountain was a great challenge for me, whereas it would have been cake if it was multiplayer. :P The NPCs can be difficult as well. Sometimes you have to favor sneaking around huge hordes of them instead of attempting to fight them all at once.


    A short interview
    I took a bit of time asking the creator of Epic Challenge Mod III, RJA, a few questions about his mod, to get some more info about his process, inspiration, and more.
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    So what gave you the idea to make a mod like this? Was there anything outside of Jedi Academy that inspired your work?
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    I would say the real goal is to propose challenges to everyone, but I'm with those who think that every creator has a personnal purpose. Mine was an obsession to revisit the games I played in my childhood, especially early childhood. It was some kind of porting impressions, sensations in my favourite game (which is Jedi Academy).
    So what inspired me where these games. This mod is the third one I made for SP. Like the others, some parts of are based from a game I used to played in the early last decade. If ECMI was inspired by Croc: Legend Of The Gobbos and ECMII: Rayman 2: The Great Escape, this one took a lot from Tonic Trouble, an underrated UbiSoft game made the year before Rayman 2 (it was supposed to test 3d Games rayman-lookalike before releasing the true Rayman 2). Tonic Trouble gave me the taste of absurdity, psychedelism.
    The form of the mod came in a simple way. I always knew It would be my thing to make HUGE MODS (like 35-55 maps), with a lot of ennemies, places, challenges and the best of all... secrets. This one has a lot of secrets. And my passion about secrets came from these platform games I used to play.
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    How long did it take to complete Epic Challenge Mod III? How does that compare to the previous versions of the mod?
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    Asgarath83 edited the code, and a lot of skins and some textures came from others modders. Being said, I made all the mod alone, including Mapping, Music (and not just editing them, I actually made two of them, as a musician), npcs, some gfx, voiceovers (helped by girlfriend and bestfriend), scripting, videos editing, texturing and skinning.
    So ECMIII took me officially one year and a half but If I count early developement (started during the finishing of ECMII), it took me almost two years.What took the most time was the Zone Of Trouble area (zone with portals), because South Plain is a central map, and I made every versions of this map and needed to compile a lot of them again and again (and this particular map was the one who takes the most time to compile...). I also needed to make every versions of the 7 levels you visit from South Plain (The Cave, Vinegar Sith HQ, North Plain, The Canyon, Glacier Cocktail, The Pyramid, The Factory), taking account of the progression of the mod, and updating Kyle capacities. End of the mod was the fastest thing to do. I took me 1 week to make the last 12 maps I think.
    Comparing to previous mods, because they are totally different mods with different goals and maps, it took me one more year. ECMI and II were basically "killing and finding secrets" challenges, but in ECMIII there is a little story progression, different scripts, videos and voiceovers, so the mod is a lot more complex (including new capacities, like the transforming-platforms).
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    Did the mod turn out exactly like you had initially planned it to be, or did it end up being much different?


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    Firstly, the mod was written to revisit a lot more places from ECMI from a new point of view. It would have started in the Sand Island from ECMI (third island), have the same main villain and would have ended in this villain castle, again.
    But during the developpement this idea started to bore me so I only kept the Castle Ending, because Castle in ECMIII is very different from the first one (and I prefer it a lot like this).
    Funny thing to notice, the mod would have been a lot shorter... Kyle was supposed to quit the Zone Of Trouble to Lawn's Land for 3 maps and enter the Castle. He was supposed to be helped by Lana and an old jedi (I used jeditrainer skin firstly) with a white lightsaber...
    But a this time, when I ended the Zone Of Trouble area, I got this special nostalgia about Toy Story 2 PC Game, when you was supposed to travel through all the city to find Woody who has been captured.
    I took this idea, and created Duncan (the character with the white lightsaber) and decided to make 15 maps about Duncan finding a way to the castle because Kyle has been captured. But after the first one, it appears to me that 15 maps would be boring, so I just made 6 maps and decided to make the ending not only playing Kyle but also Duncan (again) and Lana (for 3 maps).
    And the idea of the final map being the one you see in first when you launch the mod (the one with the cinematic) came at the very end, before making the last map.
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    Are you satisfied with the end result? What would you do to improve it?
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    I'm quite satisfied with the mod, because people seem to be satisfied about it. I would probably have fixed some boring bugs which would have took me hours and hours to fix (bugs in the South Plain), and I would have taken more time to do the videos and the voiceovers. And also textures. It's really not tiling in a lot of places. My girlfriend who study 3D told me it is learner's error. Such a shame, because little bugs can sometimes embarrass you more than huge plot holes.
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    Are there any projects you will be working on now that this mod is finished?
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    Yes. I'm actually working on Epic Challenge Mod IV: Temple Of Time. The mod will be Star Wars related and will be far more realistic in some aspects. We will play a bunch of characters (including Kyle) and see different eras of SW. After ECMIV I will do a last Epic Challenge Mod, the fifth one, which will be a lot more personal. Maybe I will one day do a Hogwarts Map, when I get the mapping skill.
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    One last question. Who would win in a fight, Kyle Katarn :kyle: or BB-8? :bb8:
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    Kyle Katarn, without a doubt.
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    Alright, thanks for answering my questions! Looking forward to future projects!




    In summary
    This is less of a review article and more of a feature, however, I do recommend playing this mod. It’s a lot of fun if you like to be challenged. There’s a lot of content to go through, a variety of enemies, challenges, and maps.


    Thanks to RJA for taking the time to answer some questions, and good luck on future projects! You can check out one of the teasers that RJA made below, as well as the file page where you can download the mod.


    If you'd like your mod to be in an article like this in the future, please PM me or another staff member, and we can work with you on that. :)

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